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Newsletter - 7th Mar 2021

operation hope - wonderful encouragement - mar 2021

operation hope - kenya 2019

Wonderful Encouragement and Confirmation

Confirmation and encouragement of the vision

operation hope - the big tent

Amazing encouragement and confirmation - God is so Good!

What an understatement that saying is.
Just want to touch base with a powerful confirmation and encouragement.

A week ago I shared our vision for rapid expansion in our tent crusade ministry in Africa. Well God is moving, He blew me away so wonderfully this evening.

To be honest I’d had such a difficult day, I felt like I was sinking in those deep waters. Such oppression and opposition to this ridiculous enormous vision. To the point were I was falling asleep exhausted during the day, waking up, grabbing my bible and doing battle, and so on.

Anyway to try to cut a long story shorter.
At the start of the year God took me to Exodus 35 snd 36 in my bible, where it talks of Gods command to build the tent with the offerings from the camp. You may know that the offerings were so frequent that they had too much. A decree was made to command the gifts to stop because it was too much. At this time I had no vision for a new tent or anything similar. But...
God spoke so clearly and powerfully “A time is coming soon when you will need to live by faith, but you will be overwhelmed by the offerings of the body of Christ. You will have more than you need and be giving it away”. The word was so strong and powerful that I nearly stopped my work at that time. My wife and I discussed it.
But we carried on knowing if it was Gods will He would bring it back at the right time.

By today it was long forgotten and after today’s exhausting experience, all I had was a sinking feeling.

A precious brother who designs and manages our web pages emailed me and gave me a word. He doesn’t normally give me words from God but today he did. It was the exact same scriptures and the exact same word God had given me at the beginning of the year. Exactly the same. And above and below it he simply wrote “IT SHALL BE”

As I am sat weeping thinking how God was preparing ways to confirm His word to me months ago, a gift of £500 pinged through on my phone. We now have £1300 towards buying this tent. God is Awesome!!!


God showed me earlier this week the actual budget for this year is far more than I realise, but many many many thousands of souls will be saved. He also reminded me of the true size of the vision below.

He also reminded me of a vision He gave me many years ago. I was stood in a vast crowd of people in heaven. We were all looking to a hill were Jesus was stood before the people. Then He appeared next to me and said “Stephen, this is the crowd of souls that will come here because of your ministry” I immediately said “surely not Lord, it’s all your work.
Then He transported me to the hill were He had stood and all the people could see was Him. It is His work, but He involves us in it. He promised me on that day a million souls before I die.
This is the time to step it up. As Reinhard Bonkke said, “it is the season of the combine harvester”.
This tent is not just a tent, it is a combine harvester.

As you send me I will spend many weeks/months travelling Africa with a combine harvester bringing in a million souls for Christ.

Bless you
And Thank you!


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