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Newsletter - 21st Jul 2021

operation hope - a change of plans - jul 2021

A change of plans and

When we arrived in Eldoret we hoped we would be able to plan and execute 3 separate tent mission in 3 weeks. It was an ambitious plan, as you may be aware that a successful tent mission requires a lot of planning and preparation.

We had to rely on some local pastors to plan when they haven’t had experience in this sort of thing. This sadly has resulted in these latter meetings being postponed till next time. Sadly all the permits were not through in time, it seems to plan three missions in three weeks with little or no notice was impossible.

We are becoming used to expecting the impossible these days, God is so good. As we had the tent and we’re here to do other things we attempted to build as many meetings into plans as possible.

May I say that the meetings we have done have been amazing, the deaf hear, the sick are healed and salvations are many.

God is so good

We got into Kenya in the midst of a pandemic and have been able to preach the gospel freely.

The series of Gospel meetings and revival meetings have brought a great harvest. As well as stirring up the body of Christ to believe for more. We have been truly blessed.

We bought a second tent for 2/300 people, which we had no money for when we arrived

We have set up a Charity by Limited Guarantee in record time. Usually3-5 years, but we expect our certificate through in the next couple of weeks. This is a huge miracle. God gave us a connection within the very department that sets up these things. He was born again and able to advise us properly. As well as help us in the process legally too.

This gives us the opportunity to send for a letter of exemption from duties which will allow us to bring our container and other missions equipment into the country without taxes.

We have rented a big field in Eldoret which at this stage is going to be used for a new farming project to help the local community. We will test this for 12 months and see how things go.

Wonderful partnerships have been forged with local pastors and leaders which will enable us to do so many missions in the future. We are already planning the next tent missions.

We have connected with two house of prayer ministries who are believing and expecting revival. One in Eldoret has had all the same words and visions that we at hope have had. We are 6500 miles apart but we have the same God, the same words, the same visions. They were told by God that He would send people from outside to help push for this revival. Then we arrive with the same words! Wow God!

We are partnered with Bishop Raphael in Kakamega who many of you know and trust. We will also be involved in a house of prayer together in Kakamega too. We’d like to think it can one day be the 24/7 house of prayer we have believed for as well as a mission base too. (More to follow soon, God is stretching our faith to believe He will do more).

God gave us a car that we’ve already been using to travel all over the country for ministry. We will be getting a flatbed trailer which will pull the tent and equipment for missions.

Sadly Kenya has not come off the red list and travel restrictions have not been relaxed. This would normally mean we need to pay over £5000 for the 5 of us to go into forced quarantine in a hotel in London. We have taken both doses of vaccines and PCR tests to prove we don’t have covid yet still they insist on this quarantine fee. Other countries seem to have much better systems than the UK and it appears the red list measures are just there to put people off travel and serve no other purpose that couldn’t be served in a better way. We have been praying about a route home, and God has opened a door! Someone is kindly allowing us to go to Cyprus on the way hone for 10 days. We will be tested at the airport in Nairobi and then again in Cyprus when we arrive. There is no risk of transmitting covid and we can avoid having to find the huge amounts for unnecessary quarantine. So to cut a long story short we leave on Saturday 24th and will arrive in the UK on 6th August. Please pray with us that all our tests go well and nothing obstructs this route home. It seems mission in these times is much more complicated and expensive, but God is able!

Exciting news to follow in the coming days!

Grace wanted to show you that on our trips that you can be a part of, we also have a few tourism days. Yesterday the girls got to go trucking in the Rainforest of Kakamega seeing various monkeys birds and breath taking scenes.


Visiting Kakamega Rainforest!


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