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Newsletter - 21st Sept 2022

operation hope - an eventful week - sept 2022

An eventful week

So today Iím about to head off to a small town called Busia on the border with Uganda. Appreciate your prayers so much for these 5 days of revival meetings.

This first week has been wonderful and eventful. It has been notable how God is blessing us with signs and wonders. The meetings have been great, but Iíve also had lots of opportunities outside of church to see God touching and changing lives. One highlight was when a whole household came to Jesus at one time.
Have a look at some videos below to see a couple of highlights.
Your prayers, encouragement and support in every way has been greatly appreciated and made all the difference
God Bless you all

if you want to skip to the ministry/healings itís at 1:19 on the timer.




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Credit: The Challenge licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license, J. Hudson Taylor in 1865 is in the public domain, God Bless You Handwriting Calligraphy by quotan from Freerange Stock