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The International Faith Childrens Home - 12th Sept 2023

international faith childrens-home - photo slides

A very Serious email. Please have a read.

May I introduce you to the IFC Childrenís home in Kakamega, Kenya.

See the picture above for details of the boys receiving help, and the others below show boys who we canít help yet, these are a few of many.

This is not our ministry, it is run by our African director Bishop Raphael Baluma. Without the work of Bishop Raphael, these boys would be living on the streets, glue sniffing, abused and more if it was not for this vital work.

They are really struggling since covid as almost all of their sponsors have dropped off. The children have not been able to go back to school this term because they havenít got the money for fees. Often the building rent is months in arrears. Even food is becoming a huge problem.

We do all we can to help but it is a drop in the ocean. If anyone is interested in changing the life of one of these children please do let us know.

What may be a small amount to you, could help keep this home open.

Could you give something once a month?

Click the image below the boys for the video showing the home. I can whole heartedly confirm that this home is run with integrity and accountability.

glue addiction amongst young boys on the streets of kenya

glue addiction amongst young boys on the streets of kenya


e-mail us at Opereration hope   how you can donate

If you are donating please use the reference "IFCH" when using online banking or paypal or on the back of your cheque so that your gift may be apportioned to the home.


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