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Newsletter - Brough 2016



Ignite the Spirit of Prayer

13th - 16th August @ Brough Castle Cumbria

Prayer - Worship - Teaching - Camping - Fellowship



BROUGH 2016 - GREAT NEWS IT'S FREE!!! Summer prayer conference and camp


Vision Statement - This conference is to facilitate and opportunity for God to Impart the Spirit of Prayer to all those whom God sends. Through continued soaking in His presence, It will propagate prayer among them and multiply it as they return home.

Although this is a free event it is vital that you book your party well in advance, Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment by emailing

Commences on Saturday 13th August 2016. Arrive any time from 10am

First session from 7:30 pm - Conference Introduction, followed by Prayer and Worship

The conference continues with sessions of teaching followed by prayer and worship each day. There will be lots of time for small intimate prayer groups enabling each individual to partake fully.

Sessions continue throughout Sunday and Monday. Finishing on Tuesday morning with a final morning teaching and farewell prayer and worship time. Campers are encouraged to leave by Tuesday evening.


brough castle   camping at brough castle   food at brough castle

Brough Castle The conference will be held within the grounds of the Church Brough Castle. A large Marquee will be erected


FREE Camping Camping will be in a field only yards away. Showers, Drinking water and portable toilets are provided


Self Catering Catering is not provided and Guests are encouraged to make plans for a self catering weekend. Barbeques welcome.


Brough is a beautiful tourist spot, and there are lots of local guesthouses.

However we encourage you to Book early to avoid disappointment.

We can point you in the direction of some of these places however on a strict first come first served basis.

              brough castle and picnic area


Igniting a Passion for Prayer


reserve your place    

Although this event is FREE!!!

We still need you to book your place, especially if you wish to camp. Please email to start the process. Places are very limited we appreciate your speedy contact, to avoid disappointment. Alternatively call Steve 07476 418463

camping at brough    

Do I have to Camp, to attend Brough 2016?

Not at all, lots of people do not enjoy camping. There are lots of B&B guesthouses or hotels based locally. Also you are welcome to bring a caravan if you have one. The Camp is designed to offer everyone free access to the conference. You are all welcome to take full advantage of these basic camping facilities.
Alternatively you can source your own accommodation (we will offer as much assistance as possible). Another alternative is to visit during the day and return home in the evening. We would request that you make contact with us regardless of your accommodation plans, so that we have a good idea of numbers.

prayer at brough    

What if I am not experienced in prayer?

John Wesley said "God does nothing except through prayer" It is the most powerful, and yet most neglected ministry in our Christian life. Dont worry we are all at different stages, why not join us as we seek to move forward together.

This conference is aimed at Christians who have a heart to pray. You may not have a lot of experience, but you just know that God is calling you to pray. That is enough, just come as you are with a heart to seek God. We will look at what the scripture shows us, and press into God together with expectant hearts, trusting that He will impart to us His Spirit of Prayer. This conference is meant to be a place where you will receive a way of life and take it back to your home towns and church groups.

make a donation    

The Conference is FREE!!!

However you may wish to donate towards the costs

Check made payable to - All For Jesus Missions (Address below) or Bank Transfer - SC 402912 ACC 31702025 Ref: Brough

contact us    

Contact Details

Operation Hope
3 Chandlers Way, Sutton Manor WA9 4TY

Mob: 07476 418463 (Steve Pilkington)
Mob: 07715 431016 (Brian Clough)
Tel: 01744 381186


Below is a copy of the written vision of the Brough Prayer Conference and Camp. This is added in case you want to take some time and get a grasp of the bigger picture.

Brough Prayer Conference Founding Vision (Stephen Pilkington)

Last year (2014) God gave me a pictorial vision, it is for an event to be held in the the summer of 2016 and annually after that. In this picture I saw Operation Hope’s big outdoor stage in a field in Brough, Cumbria. Around the stage on all four sides there were Christians from every background, and from all over the UK. Around 2000 people had all come to seek God for this nation. In the vision these Christians were praying and worshiping for 3 days, around the clock, until Gods presence fell upon them in great power. Regardless of its size it was still a work that went on behind the scenes or underground so to speak.

God spoke to me and said, "If you put on this event (3 full days and nights of seeking Gods face, establishing prayer and propagating prayer) I will establish a hundred humble houses of prayer that will spread across this entire United Kingdom as a net. They will be like little points of light spread far and wide in a dark time. They must and will be linked together, each point having a connection with the other and so forming a net of prayer. These houses of prayer will pray behind the scenes all year round and the conference will facilitate a coming together of these ministries. This is not to be a separate denomination or movement, rather a joining of those already envisioned around the UK. So many prayer groups feel isolated in their call, this vision is simply to connect them through social media or a central website so that they can encourage one another and share words of knowledge etc. It must be Located in Brough as this is very near to the central point of the UK. Also God has decided to do something special in the Eden valley through Prayer. The details of which will become clear as God unfolds His plan.

It is to grow according to the Holy Spirits increase, and in His way and at His time. Our job is simply to walk in obedience, not worrying about its size or living up to the picture. Instead concentrating on facilitating an environment for Christians to come together in unity and to seek God. I believe that it shouldn't be allowed to become something it isn't meant to be. This is not for entertainment, it is not the next Spring Harvest or Big Church Day Out. It isn’t even a teaching conference in the traditional sense. Any teaching that takes place is only to equip the saints to pray more effectively. It is to be simple in comparison and more a way of bringing together those with a heart to seriously seek God for the salvation of the UK.

I contacted various people I know in brough. One of which is Dianne, as I believed the picture was on her land. She confirmed that God had given her the same vision some years ago and had told her that He will send someone to her who will organise it.

I knew God was speaking but I began to question why 100, it seemed a round number, the type of thing I might make up. I asked for God to confirm this number to me, and a brother from Brough in Cumbria called me and shared a word, "it's time to gather the 100 together" wow. I knew there was yet more to this number and began to get our prayer team to pray into it here in St Helens. One brother was led to a website. I believe the 100 are people or carriers of promise. We are to step out of this place into what is promised. God also gave me a picture of a group of soldiers on a hill getting ready to take the land by force. "God said at ‘Saints in the Stadium” we repented, it was all about repentance and if we truly repented in our hearts then we should no do it again, now it's time to take the promise of God by force". The website that God led us to was showing how when it was time for the people of Israel to take the land they gathered their troops in hundreds.

The Lord also showed me a picture of Joshua when he was being commissioned to take the land. God showed him the boundaries of all that was to be given to Israel. Then he put a sword and shield in his hand and said go and take it.

It's time to gather the 100 together for the advance

Since one hundred equals ten tens, the number is a nice round figure that conveys completeness. Israel's soldiers normally appeared in groups of a hundred. Obadiah hid one hundred prophets from Jezebel.

When God gave the Promised Land to Israel he spoke to Joshua, he showed him all that was being given, but then he put a sword and shield in his hand and said it's yours, go and take it. Joshua would have had to go and gather the hundreds together, to take Gods promise.

- We are children of the promise

In short this conference will facilitate the Impartation of prayer to all those whom God sends. It will propagate prayer among them and multiply it as they return home. They in turn will realize themselves as children of promise, used prayerfully in the outworking of Gods plan in the end times, for this United Kingdom and beyond.


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