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Newsletter - 16th April 2021

operation hope - we got god's big top tent - apr 2021


operation hope - god's big top tent

We Got Godís Big Top tent

operation hope - god's big top tent

Gods plans are best!

The yellow tent originally pictured and offered to us at a great price was removed from our grasp, price increased significantly and then sold to another buyer. Of course this was confusing to begin with and required much prayer. The Lord spoke clearly to me that He was weaving things together perfectly. Then to Lisa, be still! So we did.

God brought another tent to us, a circus big top.
Itís not quite as big as the yellow one but bigger than I originally thought looking at pictures. Actually itís huge, as big as any circus tent used in the UK today! The previous owner, however possibly not legally had 4000 people in it, safely itíll get 3000 in standing up or half that in seats! Itís a very big, industrially strong tent. We will need a special hydronic machine just to put the pegs in.

The previous owner runs a circus and community in Cornwall, it is a super strong big top circus tent at a much higher standard than a traditional pole marquee. They use it for trapeze etc. Covid has hit them hard and they are selling it in excellent condition.

On Friday Andy and I drove down to Cornwall to do the deal. Indeed not only is it an excellent tent but itíll go into a smaller container for shipping as the trusses come apart. They have been so supportive of our vision/charity. They are throwing in loads of extras, helping us find anything else we might need at a great price, and also offering free training on circus tents to our team!


He has worked in Kenya and grew up till 7 in Nigeria. He has worked in Kenya with circus groups. When we put the tent up in Kenya he will send this Kenyan circus group to help us and make sure it goes up properly. There was 5 other people offering deposits but refused them all so that he could offer it cheaper to us! God has blown us away with His perfectly weaved plans.

Praise the Lord Indeed

We are now earnestly looking at ways to ship it to Eldoret Kenya, looking for a 2/3kw sound system, generator and then off she goes.

We are sure that our God who perfectly weaves together His plans will provide the other bits too.

Please keep praying earnestly for us, and if God so laid us on your hearts, consider giving from a glad heart to this Big Top for souls. God has promised us a million souls and we believe despite us, He is able to do it.

Bless you all so much
Steve and the Team

operation hope - we can make our plans, but the lord determines our steps. proverbs 16:9


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