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Newsletter - 23rd May 2021

operation hope - flying out to kenya 8th june - may 2021


Flying out on 8th June

An update for your prayers please!

Really appreciate your prayers for the next trip coming very soon and at short notice. After following Gods lead I intend to fly to Kenya on June 8th. Yes in just over 2 weeks! Yes I also know Kenya are on the red list too! This means I can go but it is uncertain when I can return.

The Lord has led us very clearly as a family at this time. And we are so very greatful of all the continued prayers. We believe the trip is for 3 weeks to do some essential preparation for the big tent going to Africa. I am trusting Kenya will be at least an amber country by the end of June. If it is not I will change my tickets and stay till after the August mission team has been, and we will return together. God knows what He is doing and we are following His lead.

My older daughters Faith and Grace will join me on this trip. Again God spoke very clearly about this and we know it will be very formative for them.

Why am I going? What do we need prayer for?

It is vital that I set up a branch charity with indigenous board members ASAP. This could give us free duty and tax breaks bringing the container into Kenya. We want to do everything the proper way and to honour God.

I will be meeting and discussing with sister Grace who has offered for a time at least, the use of land to start a mission base and store the container.

I will be doing a series of revival meetings, conferences and seminars with local pastors and churches, Eldoret, Nakuru and possibly Kakamega. Not as many as normal but I appreciate the prayers for these meetings to go well. Iím looking for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

I hope to be in a position to buy a small tent for 2/300 people. God has laid it on my heart to have the big tent and a small one. We will use them both in different situations regularly. This small tent will be a great tool for the team planning to come in August.

I hope to have plenty of time to plan and prepare the mission for the whole team in August. We will look to go to various places in August and see a great harvest. As well as lots of discipleship ministry in churches.

Before I leave I hope to connect with Bishop Raphael in Kakamega and see what we can plan for August with him too.

There is a lot to do. Please pray for us in each aspect of the trip. Please pray for the family as a whole, for my wife Lisa who will be left here hoping we can return in 3 weeks. God is bigger than the red list.

We appreciate your prayers and support in every way. If God so lays it on anyoneís hearts to support us financially as far as God enables. We of course are grateful in that too. A lot of these plans depend fully on His provision and we trust Him in that.

Bless you all
We feel your prayers

Steve, Lisa, Faith, Grace, Nathan, Hannah and Josiah. X





We are so grateful to God for His continued support.

This week we expect to receive a 2.8KW PA sound system. This will be ample to start the ministry in the big tent. What an awesome provider we have!



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