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Newsletter - 21st April 2023

operation hope

Please pray with us over these two areas.

operation hope

1. Have you been praying about joining our team in the summer.

Well now is the time to decide!

We will be upping the pace regarding our plans from now, can you believe weíll be heading off in 3 months! If you are seriously interested then now is the time to register your interest and take things further. Get in touch with me and letís answer any questions you may have.

Although the team trips are generally 2 weeks in length, we still intend to go out for at least 4 weeks as a whole family engaging in missions together. We have some huge financial mountains that need to be cast into the sea. Pray with us about this too please.


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operation hope

2. Please pray with us to find Gods balance. As you know the turbulent times we live in and the cost of living is impacting society greatly. Ministries are increasingly putting out impassioned pleas for finances to do Gods work. We are not trying to do this, our desire is to trust God in His plans!

My prayer point is this!

Some of you on Facebook may have seen me advertising my trade again and been confused. The truth is our expenses as a family have gone up dramatically and our finances have not. We are investigating to see if we can give a week or so a month to work in order to top things up and make sure the mortgage is paid. We donít want to be out of Gods will and often struggle to know when we are to dig in and have faith and when to do what we can. Our focus and commitment is to serve God fully in this full time ministry.

Please pray with us that we will see Gods hand. Either in a combination of work and ministry or giving our full time to ministry.


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