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Newsletter - 6th Oct 2022

operation hope - wycliffe and steve - oct 2022

TV & Radio

Around a week ago God spoke to me very clearly and said your vision is not as big as mine.

He dropped two words into my heart, Television and Radio.

He said that a part of future ministry for Operation Hope would be via tv and radio. I would reach many thousands per day via media such as these.

I declared this to those around me and prayed that God would open the door if it was Him, and in His time and way.

Honestly I didnít expect anything to happen any time soon.

Within a day I met a young man who is part of the church here in Kakamega. He is passionate about media and is a film maker who also reports on local tv stations.

This divine appointment led to conversations about what God had said to me and he is so excited about seeing what God will do.

It turns out you can preach every week across western Kenya for around £150 a month. Wow

Even less if you opt for less often. He has connections and so does our ministry partner Bishop Raphael Baluma.

Martin and I were both blown away by the speed of this answer. I needed more of a confirmation personally if I was to pursue this avenue. I asked God to bring this back to me if it was him. Our new friend went back to his work seminar and we got on with our day. Then out of the blue we run into him again! It was like the Lord spelling it out to us.

The Lord spoke to me quite clearly. It is His will and I should pursue it. But I was still reluctant to pursue anything.

Then this morning I went into the city to get the car washed before a crusade. I sat in a two seater bench while I waited, and guess who was sat next to me. The media guy!

Wycliffe Tsuma is his name. He offered to work voluntarily for now to help get the word out and allow this to grow. We both new this is a God incident not a coincidence.

There are hundreds of thousands of people in the immediate area and I sit down next to him! Wow

We are looking at various ways we can start to produce these messages and in particular gospel messages to a high standard. His skill set is wonderful.

In time God will allow us to get equipment such as cameras etc, and we may be able to set up a studio at the base, but for now we intend to just hire and get things out as a trial.

We are going to push this door

Iím sure this is God and we will reach many souls this way.

This will also be a way of reaching many souls in Africa while I am at home between trips!

Praise the Lord!

Pray for this next step as I start to push doors and that God will help the word go as far and wide as possible.



operation hope




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