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Newsletter - 26th July 2021

Operation Hope - Amsterdam on the way home from Eldoret Kenya 2021


We are here in Amsterdam!

Thank you so much for all your prayers, we hope to be home by 5th August

Testimony - God makes a way where there is no way!!!

We had planned to go to Cyprus to see out the quarantine time before heading home. But the night before we left, Cyprus refused our girls entry due to a lack of vaccines which they are too young to have. We wondered what to do? Quarry for us all is £5000 and takes two weeks to apply for. It is not an option.

After taking advice we decided to travel to Amsterdam anyway and spend our time there. It was our connection anyway so it makes sense. The Lord showed us He would allow it but we’d have to fight and trust!

In Nairobi they tried to take Faith and Grace's passports and stop them leaving. I Steve knew this was the enemy and resisted strongly. I wrestled the passports back from the supervisor and told him He had no right to take a passport and hold it without us breaking the law. I demanded they left us alone and that we were boarding the flight!

They immediately backed away and let us through, I couldn’t believe it, God said fight, and we had to.

The next morning we arrived in Amsterdam at 7am, we were stopped at Immigration
They said there is an EU ban on UK citizens and by no means can we enter. It is against the rules.
They said we have to deport you back to Kenya to wait some weeks while you apply for uk quarantine then fly to London - this would cost upto £10,000 for us all

We prayed.. time to trust!

They went away and left us sat there for half an hour

Then came back and said we are making an exception for you on this occasion
Go ahead and enter Holland
We are changing the rules because you’ve been in Africa for so long.

This shouldn’t be allowed but they used common sense, we were tested and clear of covid.
The 3 department heads didn’t want to do it, but one supervisor took compassion and fought our corner to the highest level.
God is so good.

Praise the Lord
We are here now for 11 days and after that we will be able to fly home. Mission Accomplished


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