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Newsletter - 5th April 2022

operation hope - car repairs - apr 2022

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Some of you will remember me sharing a few weeks back that our family car had catastrophically failed us. God moved quickly and we were so blessed that someone loaned us their car, and two people gave us what was a large sum and surely enough to repair our broken engine.

We put the car in the local garage for repairs. After a time we discovered the damage was far worse than we thought and we no longer had a lot of what was needed. The Lord told us to trust Him.

To cut a long story shorterÖ

After three and a half weeks of waiting, last week on Friday we were due to collect it.

We were still short of money!


We prayed and asked God to deal with it. The answer came when they phoned and said it is and delayed donít collect it till today (Tuesday).

Then yesterday a gift came in for £50 and again this morning in the post came another £100. This greatly encouraged us to believe.

Then As Iím walking to the garage at 4pm the shortfall still hadnít arrived. As I stand at the counter in the garage and look in my bank a deposit of £350 comes in from dear friends I havenít seen in a couple of years now, due to covid and other issues. They felt they were to bless us from God. Wow!


He regularly leaves me in tears!

I love my Lord so much

I can assure you, many may say it is tiresome to always be trusting God for the next thing. Sometimes wondering where a bill might be paid or a mission funded. Often it can be the last minute. But I say to you today, each time God shows up I am more blessed than before. Trusting such a loving Father is not tiresome it is a privilege. Oh how He loves us! The things He has done for me who am the least of those reading this email, He will do for any of us.

Things may be tough just now!

But my passionate plea to you is this. Trust God! Cast your cares upon Him for He truly cares for you!

Be blessed today

Love Steve and Lisa


operation hope




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