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Newsletter - 29th Sept 2023

operation hope - we have been scammed with less than 3 weeks to go

Calling the intercessors!

Please stand with us in prayer as we seek God to resolve this situation.

Our team goes to Kenya in less than 3 weeks time.

It is with great sadness that I inform you that we have be targeted by criminals and scammed of nearly £8000

You will understand me when I tell you that the last month or so has been one of the most stressing times I can remember. God has been constantly re assuring us that He is our provider. And He has us in His hands.

However… 10 of the flights we booked for the October mission were with a new travel agent. And it has now come to light that they were a fake company set up to scam people out of their money. We didn’t see this coming, they were so professional and even advertised on Google ect. They supplied ATOL numbers and all the things we use to check a company. They new exactly what to do, and as a result we have been robbed of nearly £8000 of other peoples money.

We are pursuing every option at this time. The police, our bank, FOS and anyone who will listen to us. But at this time they are refusing to give the money back because the payments were authorised by us. This feels like a cruel loop hole on the banks side. Please pray with us that they will change that stand point as they investigate further. They have promised to fully investigate and give us a final verdict in the next 7 days. However warned us that we may not see that money again. They do not class it as fraud if you authorise the payment.

With less than 3 weeks to go I was at the point of giving up. How could I go on?

However Jesus came to me in a dream! He told me He did not lie when He said He is our provider and will not let us down. He told me to book the tickets and press on in faith. He will fix this, He will provide.

I can say that our trustees and one other gentleman have been able to raise the money in the form of a loan. We have purchased new tickets for the whole team and the Mission is going ahead no matter what!

I ask you to stand in prayer with us, this mission is of vital importance. The enemy is trying everything to stop it. Cover us all as we go in Jesus name to set the captives free. The fruit will be amazing.

Please pray with us that this money will be put back into our account


That God will supply the £5000 we have had to loan in recent days.

We know He is faithful

What is agreed on Earth is done in Heaven. We believe we already have it and it is on its way in the Spirit. Help us and stand with us until this trial is an even greater testimony.

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