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Newsletter - 7th Sept 2022

operation hope - the lords plan instead of ours - sept 2022

Final plans are coming together, but not what we planned!

This time next week Iíll be in Kenya - Alone!

It will be my first time doing a mission on my own, and it turns out one of my longer trips too.

I wrote to you a week or two ago explaining the new developments that have been happening, regarding the base and other ministries. We have connected with other ministries while at Arise conference and the potential for working together is exciting to say the least. I hope to act on that development as soon as God permits.
We had really hoped to both be out there together in September. However shortly after I booked my tickets we discovered that the main person who was going to meet me out there could not travel to Kenya.

You can understand the shock and disappointment.
Why Lord?
Iíve just booked tickets for 4 weeks in Kenya and the guy I was meeting for 2 of those weeks is not coming.
Have I made an error?
What is going on?
It is at these times you really need to know what God has said to you personally. I had tickets booked for a trip I couldnít afford, and half the reason I was going is now gone.

After seeking God for some time He was very clear.
I said Go to Kenya.
But Lord I canít afford it.
I said Go.
But Lord Iíll be on my own for 4 weeks preaching nearly every day.
I said Go, I have called you, I will give you all you need in every way.
Ok Lord.

Regarding other ministries and especially this one, we will work together in the future for His glory. But whatever happens my calling and commission are the same as before. I always prefer to go with at least 1 other person, but even if I donít have a ministry partner every time. I must Go and preach the gospel.

operation hope - prayer - sept 2022

So what is going to be happening!
What will I be doing?

Week 1

I will arrive in Kenya on 14th September at Kisumu airport, then go straight to the mission base

The rest of this first week will be in Eldoret with Hope of Glory Church. I will be taking revival/gospel meetings.

Week 2

I will be back in Kakamega at the mission base and on 21st September I will start 5 days of revival/gospel meetings in Malaha. This has been a very blessed fruitful village to minister in. Pray for increase. I see revival in that place.

Week 3

This week will be another week of revival meetings in the kakamega county. Destination to be decided.

Week 4

I have been asked to use our tent pictures below to do a gospel campaign for a week. This is a really exciting prospect and will either plant a new church or establish and encourage a struggling church. The fruit from this work is awesome.

The remaining days before I fly will be spent working on my gospel/testimony book.

God has His plans

operation hope - prayer - sept 2022

Please pray

When God spoke to say Go to Kenya in September. I had £14 in our account. It was completely impossible at that late stage to see how that could possibly happen. The prices were increasing daily, not to mention our own needs as a family.
But GodÖ.
God has been taking us on a deep personal walk of faith. I was not to mention anything about how desperate the situation was. Just trust God that He can provide the tickets.
The tickets are booked and I am going!
God is faithful
My plans may have not been His plans, but He has still been guiding me into His designs.

Do I have all I need? We never have it all upfront.
But God has done more than enough to convince me to board that plane in faith.
He is doing a work that will carry us into where He needs us to be.
A few days ago I couldnít imagine where the flights would come from.
Tonight the Lord had me start planning the Tent Crusade for the final week as an extra faith step. I know God is in all of this.

Pray with us for strength to keep walking the road He is directing us along.
Stand with us in faith that He will open every door and put every step in front of us.
I say us, and we because my wife and children are walking this road every inch with me. They may not be flying but they have to walk their own walk of faith releasing me to go.

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