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Steve at Newbold Community Church 11th Dec 2022

steve pilkington at newbold community church dec 2022    steve pilkington at newbold community church operation hope dec 2022 steve pilkington at newbold community church dec 2022

Wonderful blessed time ministering and sharing at Newbold Community Church Rochdale.
Thanks for allowing us to come. Blessings to you all.
Click if you would like to enquire about Steve visiting your church >>

Annual Message and Update 2022

annual report and update 2022

A year we came close to giving up, saw our greatest miracles and bought a house with no money!

We live in a time of great difficulty for so many.

UCB Christian radio have spent last week dealing with the subject of poverty and helping raise awareness of CAP (Christians Against Poverty).

I want to address this today and talk a little bit about why God allows suffering and difficulties, and what the fruit of that may be. And how can we think about missions at a time like this?... read more >>

Evangelism Truck for Feb 2023

evangelism truck for feb 2023

This is an evangelism truck we have booked to hire for our February mission. it will be sign written to advertise the tent meetings and be used to preach the gospel several times each day.

We expect to get into prisons, schools and markets, as well as the main tent meetings each evening.

operation hope on mission

Final Thoughts Going Home - 12th Oct 2022

final thoughts before going home from kisumu mission   final thoughts before going home from kisumu mission   final thoughts before going home from kisumu mission   final thoughts before going home from kisumu mission

Having a coffee and cake and reflecting on what has been an incredible life changing journey
for many. As you go out in His service He will use it for everyoneís blessing.

Paralysed Girl Visits Church - 12th Oct 2022

paralysed girl visits church

The International Faith Centre Childrens Home - 10th Oct 2022

the international faith centre childrens home

May I take a few minutes to introduce you to the orphanage we partner
with here in Kakamega?

Have a watch of this video below to see the wonderful work that is
being done to transform these precious lives...

Amazing Trip - 9th Oct 2022

amazing trip

We have had an amazing succesful mission trip here in Kenya. We've seen over 500 people respond to the gospel during 5 tent meetings in kakamega & 3 outdoor evangelistic meetings in Kisumu.

We held a 3 day pastor conference & preached in 3 churches on the Sundays to encourage and strengthen the body of Christ. All glory to God for the miracles, salvations and testimonies we've seen and heard here. God has been so good!! Bless the Lord oh my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name.
Raising Foundations
Operation Hope

Devil worshipper saved - 9th Oct 2022

the devil defeated on mission   the devil defeated on mission

While Martin preached today a devil worshiping cult sent a young girl to disrupt the meetings.
She was so full of demons. But as she came near the building she came under the power and
conviction of the Holy Spirit. She sent in a note asking if she could come in and repent instead.
She was wonderfully delivered from multiple demons. The smell was of sulphur as they came out.
She was unconscious for a while before being completely healed and giving her life to Jesus.
This is stuff straight out of Acts! God is doing amazing things in Kenya
Revival harvest is coming
Praise the Lord
Evangelist Martin van Vuuren
Raising Foundations

Burning items of witchcraft - 9th Oct 2022

burning items of witchcraft

Martin leaving after Missions - 9th Oct 2022

martin leaving after malaha and kisumu tent missions

Emotional goodbyes. A new dear friend has been made and such a blessing he has been.
Back to Kakamega for 3 more days then home to my precious ones

Sunday Morning Church - 9th Oct 2022

sunday morning church

Why do Christians suffer? - 8th Oct 2022

why do christians suffer

Martin preaching in the rain in Kisumu - 8th Oct 2022

martin preaching in the rain in kisumu

Dancing in the rain in Kisumu - 8th Oct 2022

dancing in the rain in kisumu

If they will stand in the rain, we shall preach in the rain - 8th Oct 2022

if they will stand in the rain we shall preach in the rain

If they will stand in the rain to hear the good news of Jesus! We shall preach in the rain!

God has a plan - 8th Oct 2022

dancing in the rain in kisumu

Blessed Day in Kisumu - 7th Oct 2022

blessed day in kisumu at the tent mission   blessed day in kisumu at the tent mission

A blessed and tiring day in Kisumu. We estimate no less than 200 came forward to respond to the gospel over the last two evenings. The pastors conference has been a tremendous blessing also! Thank you Jesus!

Man Blind in One Eye - 6th Oct 2022

man blind in one eye

Man blind in one eye with severe pain and partial sight in the other eye. Healed in Jesus name!

Wonderful Response at Kisumu - 6th Oct 2022

wonderful response to the gospel

Wonderful - 132 people come forward for response at Kisumu

Kisumu First Night - 6th Oct 2022

first night at kisumu   first night at kisumu

Pastors Conference - 6th Oct 2022

pastors conference in kisumo   pastors conference in kisumo

Great response from the word for the pastors today.
Looking forward to the crusade this evening

Kisumu Live - 6th Oct 2022

joy in jesus at kisumu tent mission   celebrate the lord jesus at kisumu tent mission wonderful african singing at kisumu tent mission   worship kisumu style at kisumu tent mission

Tent Mission and much more - 6th Oct 2022

tent mission team malaha sept/oct 2022

For 5 days last week we had a small taste of revival. It was such a blessing to have Martin Van Vuuren with me from Raising Foundations.

What a fiery evangelist he is and we are so greatful for his ministry and supporters funding this small tent Mission.... read more >>

Pastors Conference - 6th Oct 2022

pastors conference

Today we begin the pastors conference and crusade in Kisumu.
Keep us in prayer - The picture is taken by a bus stop advertising the campaign on a main road

TV and Radio - 6th Oct 2022

tv and radio - wycliffe and steve

Around a week ago God spoke to me very clearly and said your vision is not as big as mine. He dropped two words into my heart, Television and Radio.

He said that a part of future ministry for Operation Hope would be via tv and radio. I would reach many thousands per day via media such as these.

I declared this to those around me and prayed that God would open the door if it was Him, and in His time and way... read more >>

Quick answer to prayer - 6th Oct 2022

quick answer to prayer

The Pastor's daughter - 5th Oct 2022

the pastor's daughter

Pastors daughter 11. Received salvation and the promised gift on the same night.
Transformed, but still a bit shy

Short term Missions - 5th Oct 2022

operation hope short term missions

Bless the little children - 5th Oct 2022

testimony bless the little children

Bless the little children

Healing Testimony - 4th Oct 2022

miracle at malaha tent mission

Supernatural filling - Reunited families

Malaha Tent Mission - Packing Up - 4th Oct 2022

malaha tent mission packing up

Very tiring day packing all the tent mission gear away yesterday!

But wow, we are so encouraged by what God has done. From our little tent mission in Malaha market. 233 people came forward in 5 days.

And probably more than that in miracles and healings of all kinds - Praise the Lord! read more >>

The International Faith Childrens Home - 4th Oct 2022

miracle at malaha tent mission

A ministry to get behind.

This is one of the works you could be helping out with if you came on a short term mission with Operation Hope.
For those who want to help with this work via sponsorship. Operation Hope will forward 100% of any gifts and keep you updated with the childrenís welfare and progress etc

Mission Truck for Kenya - 3rd Oct 2022

mission truck for kenya   mission truck for kenya

Operation Hope is hoping to purchase a truck similar to this to be able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Kenya. Watch the videos above to find out more about how it would be used.

Testimony of Healing at Malaha Tent Mission - 3rd Oct 2022

testimony of healing at malaha tent mission

Miracle at Malaha Tent Mission - 3rd Oct 2022

miracle at malaha tent mission

Malaha March - 1st Oct 2022

the malaha march in malaha, kenya

The Malaha March!Ö

Radio/TV Ministry - 2nd Oct 2022

the fields are ready for harvest in kenya

Radio and TV for the gospel
Iím speaking this out before I see it. That He will get the glory as it happens
The harvest field is ripe!
God has spoken to us at Operation Hope about reaching out through our own radio station. And TV in future.
Trusting God to show us how he will do that. Africa shall be saved!

Working hard for the Kingdom - 1st Oct 2022

working hard for the kingdom in Malaha, Kenya

Working hard for the kingdom of God
Evangelist Martin van Vuuren

Another 50 receive Jesus - 1st Oct 2022

another 50 receive jesus christ in Malaha, Kenya

Another 50 plus responded to the gospel message tonight
Evangelist Martin van Vuuren

Three Healing Testimonies at Malaha - 1st Oct 2022

3 healing testimonies in malaha

3 x Healing testimonies from last evenings service. Wish we had time to hear more
Evangelist Martin van Vuuren

Prayer cloths heal 5 people in a hospital - 30th Sept 2022

Prayer cloths heal 5 people in a hospital

Prayer cloths heal 5 people in a hospital

Speaking in Tongues at Malaha Tent Mission - 30th Sept 2022

speaking in tongues at Malaha Tent Mission, Kenya

After Evangelist Martin van Vuuren made an alter call for people wishing to receive the baptism
of the Holy Spirit, many were touched by Gods power in a dramatic way. Men, women and
the children were all speaking in tongues!

Evelyn's lump disappeared whilst we prayed - 30th Sept 2022

evelyn's lump disappeared in Malaha, Kenya

Evelynís lump on her back disappeared while we prayed.
Evangelist Martin van Vuuren

30 plus precious souls responded again tonight in Malaha
30th Sept 2022

30 plus precious souls responded again tonight in Malaha, Kenya

30 plus precious souls responded again tonight
Thank you Jesus

People responding to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit! in Malaha
30th Sept 2022

responding to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit in Malaha, Kenya

People responding to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit! Wonderful
Raising Foundations
Evangelist Martin van Vuuren

Dancing to the Lord in Malaha - 30th Sept 2022

enthusiastic dancing at tent mission in Malaha, Kenya

Really encouraging testimonies of Healing in Malaha - 29th Sept 2022

Really encouraging testimonies of Healing from Malaha residents, Kenya

Really encouraging testimonies of Healing from Malaha residents, Kenya

Malaha Tent Mission - Even the Youth - 29th Sept 2022

even the youth were responding to jesus at the malaha tent mission

Even the youth are coming in numbers. This young man was baptised in the Holy Spirit.
Raising Foundations
Evangelist Martin van Vuuren
Martin van Vuuren

Malaha Tent Mission - Responding to Jesus - 29th Sept 2022

responding to jesus at the malaha tent mission

Another 50 or so respond to Jesus tonight!
Thank you Lord
Raising Foundations
Evangelist Martin van Vuuren

Further Update on the Lady who was paralysed - 29th Sept 2022

update on the lady who was paralysed

Wow further update on the lady who was paralysed
Watch this
Evangelist Martin van Vuuren
Raising Foundations

Malaha Tent Mission - The Rain has stopped - 29th Sept 2022

the rain has stopped in malaha

Rain has stopped
People have come
Thanks for your prayers
Raising Foundations
Evangelist Martin van Vuuren

Malaha Tent Mission - Rain, Am I back in Wales? - 29th Sept 2022

rain in malaha   rain in malaha   rain in malaha  

Am I back in Wales?

Malaha Tent Mission - It's raining! - 29th Sept 2022

we have rain at the malaha tent mission

Why do we need tents in Kenya lol
Pray with us please

Malaha Tent Mission - Great response at the gospel tent tonight
28th Sept 2022

Great response at the gospel tent tonight in malaha   Great response at the gospel tent tonight in malaha   Great response at the gospel tent tonight in malaha   Great response at the gospel tent tonight in malaha  

Great response at the gospel tent tonight. Many souls choosing Jesus.
Not to mention the wonderful miracles

Malaha Tent Mission - Night 1 - 28th Sept 2022

people are starting to come to the tent in malaha

Night 1 Was blessed. Preached the gospel in Malaha tonight. God moved in power many, many responded for first time salvations. We counted over 80. Praise the Lord for night 1 Hallelujah
Many healings too
Praise the Lord

People are starting to come - 28th Sept 2022

people are starting to come to the tent in malaha

The Testimonies Begin - 28th Sept 2022

the testimonies begin in malaha

In the rural village of Malaha - 28th Sept 2022

tent mission tent in malaha

Putting up the Tent in Malaha - 28th Sept 2022

putting up the tent in malaha

Martin arives in Kakamega - 27th Sept 2022

martin arrives in kakamega   martin arrives in kakamega   martin arrives in kakamega

Amazing to have Martin Jansen Van Vuuren / Evangelist Martin van Vuuren here in Kakamega!
Weíve already been ministering together through the day and I know this will be an amazingly blessed time.
Our joint crusade starts tomorrow
Thanks so much for praying

Soul Harvest in Malaha - 27th Sept 2022

soul harvest tomorrow in malaha

God is speaking to me about opening blind eyes tonight. Expecting to see it this week.
Both spiritually and physically

Amazing Praise Report - Busia Kenya September 22 - 26th Sept 2022

amazing praise report busia sept 22

Amazing Response today from the Message - 25th Sept 2022

amazing response to gospel   amazing response to gospel

Amazing response today from the message. And so good to see those who received salvation
and healings going from strength to strength. Awesome testimonies!

Woman bound in Witchcraft - 25th Sept 2022

woman bound in witchcraft

This precious woman was bound in witchcraft and suicidal when we met her two days ago. She is transformed now!!! Testifying in church this morning about how much has changed and how she loves Jesus

Children's work in Busia, Kenya - 25th Sept 2022

children's work in Busia

Healing Update - 25th Sept 2022

healing update

-- Healing Update 1 week later! --

I was blessed to pray for Irene last Sunday in Eldoret. Sheíd had a severe stroke and was partially paralysed. Couldnít walk without help from people holding her up. God touched her immediately and she was walking and dancing before the Lord. I just heard a week later that the healing has vastly improved and she is doing great. Another huge improvement. Hod told me He would continue to rebuild those nerves etc. hallelujah Praise the Lord
Thank you Jesus - I love you!

Silica's Healing Testimony - 24th Sept 2022

silica's healing testimony

The Power Released - 24th Sept 2022

the power released

The power released when people get truly thankful and trust God, is stronger than youíd think

Tonight I had a strong conviction to preach from the heart about not worrying, rejecting anxiety and focusing on Jesus! Knowing that is where the solution is. That when we start to get really thankful for what God has done we will not worry too much about what is still to be done.
I asked them to spend a couple of mins giving thanks for what He has done in their lives.
They really responded heartily
But what surprised me was how the Holy Spirit responded to their faith and gratitude.
People were slain, healed, sins forgiven, people weeping and confessing sins. Demons couldnít stand it and manifested and left.
The power that is released when Gods children put their full trust in Him! Wow
Hereís a 3 min version of their response. It lasted hours

Being blessed in the Sunday school today - 24th Sept 2022

being blessed in sunday school   being blessed in sunday school

Wonderful to see powerful women of God - 24th Sept 2022

wonderful to see powerful women of god

Wonderful to see powerful women of God serving the Lord with wisdom and power.

Church does not need to be boring - 24th Sept 2022

church does not need to be boring

Bet your church feels boring now

Clinic at Busia Church - 23rd Sept 2022

deaf woman healed

I ran a clinic today in Busia church
Anyone could come for prayers, and boy did lots of people come in.
We had a Muslim come to faith.
A suicidal repenting and coming to faith. We bought her some food and a bible
Lots and lots of powerful healings
God is so good.

Deaf Woman Healed - 23rd Sept 2022

deaf woman healed

Miracle - 23rd Sept 2022

womans leg grows out and she walks

Miracle - Womanís leg grows out and she walks!

Funeral Procession - 23rd Sept 2022

funeral procession in busia

Funeral procession coming from the mortuary in Busia.
Celebration of her life... view video >>

Prayers for Back Pain? - 23rd Sept 2022

prayers for back pain

When someone comes forward asking for prayers for back ache and you find they are in Labour.
Trusting for word of another type of new birth this day.

Paralysed from the waist down - 23rd Sept 2022

paralysed from waist down

Paralysed from the waist down - then dancing to Jesus

The Uganda/Kenya Border at Busia, Kenya - 22nd Sept 2022

the kenya uganda border at busia western kenya

We are getting closer to branching into Uganda. At least I stepped across the border.
We are coming soon by the grace of God!
Africa Shall Be Saved!!!       Kenya >> Uganda >> Tanzania

Celebrating Election Victory - 22nd Sept 2022

celebrating election victory in kenya

I think people know how to celebrate an election win here. Wonder if Liz Truss gets this reaction?

With Our Hosts in Busia - 22nd Sept 2022

with our hosts in busia, kenya

Have a guided tour and get to know our hosts here in Busia.

Every bit of roadside space is a potential business - 22nd Sept 2022

business in every vacant space   business in every vacant space business in every vacant space   business in every vacant space

Love to see all of those recycled clothes markets nothing is wasted. We could learn a lot
or is that what we call vinted Amanda Mc

Steve in Busia - 22nd Sept 2022

steve from busia, kenya

Fun and Games in Busia - 21st Sept 2022

the rain in busia

Fun and games in Busia
On a serious note the temperature was unbearable when I arrived. It hadnít rained in too long. They needed rain so much. Listen how they sing

God worked powerfully in Busia - 21st Sept 2022

busia municipality sign

We are just finishing
I ministered for 3.5 hours
It was supposed to be just Christianís but the Spirit fell on the church so powerfully that people were walking in and getting saved at the power of God
Many demons fleeing
Sicknesses healed

The Great Soul Harvest - 21st Sept 2022

great soul harvest

Pray for next weeks tent crusade please. Publicity is beginning and we want the right people
to hear about it and come. May God have His way!

In the Border town of Busia, Kenya - 21st Sept 2022

steve in busia kenya

the servant queen and the king she serves

What You Need to Know - 20th Sept 2022

click for video

Whoever you are, whatever you believe.
I beg you to watch this video. It explains what you and I need to know about God and eternal life.
And also how to get it!
Love from Steve your friend.

Lasting Fruit of Partnership - 20th Sept 2022

click for video

Lasting fruit of partnership
Alex Johnson HNHN, Operation Hope, IFC and many of you. Thanks so much

Whole household saved! - 19th Sept 2022

click for video

Whole household saved!
Everyone accepts Jesus and surrenders their lives to Him!
Thank you Lord!

more photographs >>

Sick for 15 years - 19th Sept 2022

click for video

A short testimony from last mission - 18th Sept 2022

click for video

Word of Knowledge - 18th Sept 2022

a word of knowledge

Delivered from Fear - 18th Sept 2022

click for video

Suffering with Christ - 18th Sept 2022

click for video

Making new friends - 17th Sept 2022

click for video

click for video

Went for a walk and ended up with some little ones following and giggling. Good time for an impromptu Sunday school

On the Road nr Eldoret - 17th Sept 2022

click for video     click for video

click for video

Preaching in Eldoret - 16th Sept 2022

click for video

Kakamega // Eldoret - 16-17th Sept 2022

click for video    click for video

click for video

Stuff All Servants of God Need To Know - 15th Sept 2022

stuff all servants of good need to know video

The Lords Plans Not Ours - 7th Sept 2022

the lords plan not ours

Final plans are coming together, but not what we planned! This time next week Iíll be in Kenya - Alone!

It will be my first time doing a mission on my own, and it turns out one of my longer trips too. I wrote to you a week or two ago explaining the new developments that have been happening... more >>

Kenya Mission September 2022

lisa and steve pilkington

I will be flying to Kenya on September 13th. Please keep me in your prayers as I minister in Eldoret, Kakamega, Kisumu, and possibly other places too.

Please keep me in your prayers as I go out and return a month later.
But also for Lisa and the children staying behind as they restart their education programs etc.

Whom Will I Send?

whom shall i send ?

If your heart cries out ďSEND ME LORD!Ē Why not pray about joining one of our short term mission teams to Kenya. The harvest is ripe but the workers are few.

Developments - Will you Pray?

arise and next trip details

After God opened the door and clearly led us to rent a base in Kenya, I began to imagine how He might use it. I have always had a vision of taking teams of people into the mission field.
I know from first hand experience it changes people.... more >>

Arise and the Next Trip - 28th Aug 2022

arise and next trip details

This is the region in Kenya I am planning to visit in September. The plan is to preach a week of revival meetings in the churches in each location.

This leads people to Jesus, encourages and empowers the church and changes lives. Not to mention the many healings God uses to demonstrate His power and love.

Please keep us in your prayers. We want to see God stir up the body of Christ for a big tent mission before the end of the year... more >>

Dealing with Worry | A word in season

dealing with worry - a short word in season

Busy time ahead

i will be in kenya

Healing @ ARISE Conference

More photographs and videos of ARISE2022

Operation Hope at Arise Conference - Cardiff, South Wales - Aug 2022

arise conference cardiff s wales video

Great to join with Arise conference
Grateful to be able to have a table at the back to promote the work of Operation Hope
Come and join us if you can

Are You Coming? Elections - Arise - Team Trip - 9th Aug 2022

Today, 9th August is Election Day in Kenya. The sitting president has finished 2 terms and must go. Pray that Kenya get a godly leader who will serve Him and the people. Also pray for zero violence in the aftermath. Thanks

Next week we will be at the Arise conference. We will have a stall promoting Operation Hope and short-term missions... more >>

You Have To See The Big Tent, It Has Finally Arrived - 4th Aug 2022

We are sooooo excited to announce that after 17 months of praying we now have a 1000 seater tent in Kenya. Ready for the harvest!

Praise be to God! And thank you for all your prayers and support!
Pray with us that our glorious faithful God who provided this great tool, will also give everything we need to use it too!... more >>

The Tent - Videos - 4th Aug 2022


Left: You have to check out this amazing evangelism tool God has given us. Consider if God is calling you to be on our trips?
Consider if you can help and become a sponsor, weíd love to start planning missions with this tent asap.

Right: Meet Ibrahim. He is currently being trained how to manage and erect the new large mission tent.
Pray for him that he will thrive under Gods enabling as he takes on this responsibility

Thoughts from the Study - Matthew 14:22-32 - Be Encouraged

thoughts from the study - matthew 14 - be encouraged

Election Rally Eldoret - 1st Aug 2022

A political rally
Praying for the elections coming up... more >>

What Happens when things donít go to Your plan? - 30th July 2022

I have purposefully been quiet lately, but I thought Iíd update you on what has been happening and what is going to be happening.

This year has not gone according to my plans. At the end of last year I declared to my wife and friends that I would spend even more time in Africa. I would go 7 times visiting 3 nations. So far I have been only once... more >>

9.5 tons of circus tent - 15th July 2022

9.5 tons of circus tent and equipment on its way to the Arise conference. They are going to use it for the gospel in the UK!

Please pray for them as they continue to step out in faith

Small Tent Repaired - 3rd June 2022

Great to see the repair work almost finished on our smaller tent. 20mx10m. You may remember it was destroyed in strong winds?

Well now it is remade with much stronger poles and almost ready for use again! Thank You Jesus!... more >>

Kenya General Election Prayer Meeting - 20th May 2022

general election eldoret prayer meeting may 2022

operation hope on mission

Newsletter - Walk around Base + Testimonies - 19th May 2022

Itís great to be home. Thank you all so much for praying for us! God is so good and did more than weíd hoped for!

It is so great to see our precious families and spend some cherished time together. Itís times like these when you really count your blessings... more >>

Walk around the new Operation Hope Base! - 16th May 2022

tour of new operation hope base in kakamega

Eldoret Revival - 15th May 2022

eldoret revival may 2022

Evening revival meeting is beginning

eldoret revival     eldoret revival     More photographs >>

Are You Coming? - 12th May 2022

Is God Calling You To Missions?

Operation Hopeís Mission Base is Ready to start receiving Teams. Part of Operation Hopes vision is to facilitate teams going to the nations! ... more >>

awakening conference meeting 14th - 15th may 2022

Testimony - God is so good! - 8th May 2022

Thank you to all you join with us in praying for these missions. We often see the crowds responding to an alter call. But it is also wonderful to see that each one is an individual whom God loves dearly.

Bless you all... more >>

Mission truck - 11th May 2022

This is an absolutely perfect example of what we are praying for at Operation Hope.

This kind of vehicle will reach many thousands of souls every time it is used! It is also perfect for moving around the tents and mission equipment... more >>

Kenya Mission On the Road - 7th May 2022


Been out shopping for chairs for the base! What we canít get in the car goes the roof

Grocery shopping at the road side. These precious people have it very tough... more >>

Kenya Mission Update - 7th May 2022


Remember this precious family?

Naomi had a stroke and was paralysed down one side. She had been the same way for three years. After we prayed together God touched her, she received movement and feeling on the paralysed side. She could move her arm and leg and hold her head straight. Now she is up and about walking. Praise God!... more >>

Wow! God answers your prayers - 6th May 2022

Wow! God answers your prayers! Thank you so much for standing in the gap!

Thank you all for supporting us in prayer yesterday! After seeking God I received a word to go and see this company which manufactures new tents. We have made an order for a brand new tent... more >>

Calling Day of Prayer - 5th May 2022

Please pray with us today! To the left you can see the condition of the tent we thought we were going to buy. It was so disappointing and small and sad looking.

Tents have been thin on the ground. We went to view a tent yesterday which was very disappointing. It was such poor quality that there could be no price we would be comfortable buying it at... more >>

Kenya Mission - Expect a Miracle - 3rd May 2022

Expect a Miracle. Healing and Miracle service

Operation Hope Base Being Established - 2nd May 2022

When we left the UK a week ago our accommodation became unavailable with 1 days notice. I was almost becoming a little perturbed...

I sought the Lord for His wisdom and He said I have told you to get a mission base suitable for sending teams. He said on this trip you must take a step of faith and enter a rental agreement for the Operation Hope base in Africa... more >>

Prayer Praise Points From Our First Few Days - 30th Apr 2022

Please pray for Pastor Charles

Thanks so much for upholding us in your prayers. We do really appreciate your prayers. This trip is going to be very different in many ways.

We met a pastor who was working as a taxi driver in Kisumu. He was a dear brother, however it became so evident that he is deeply discouraged and desperate for breakthrough... more >>

Kenya Mission - Precious Souls - 1st May 2022

These are the precious souls who received their miracles today. The lame walk, the blind see and the deaf hear in the name of Jesus! Just look at the joy on their faces as they start to realise the suffering is over in Jesus Name!

Kenya Mission - The Deaf Hear - 1st May 2022

This precious sister had undergone a surgery on her ear which didnít go well. She had pains and itching in her ear as well as deafness. God completely healed her... more >>

Kenya Mission - A New Back - 1st May 2022

This sister had surgery to her back. Which also went wrong and left her in lots of pain. Jesus gave her a new back hallelujah... more >>

Kenya Mission - The Funeral - 30th Apr 2022

When we came in December God allowed us to minister in prayer towards this precious family. The daughter was suffering in her health and didnít know the Lord as her saviour.

She accepted Jesus and received peace in Him. This trip we are attending her funeral in the assurance and knowledge that this is not her final page. It is only the beginning. She is with Jesus!... more >>

Kenya Mission - Prayer and Proclamation - 27th Apr 2022

Join us as we have a time of prayer and proclamation over this region of Africa Be blessed

Kenya Mission - Testimony - Saved Lives - 27th Apr 2022


We had organised a day to rest after the flight. Itís is exhausting to go straight into ministry after 36 hours or so without sleep.
However God has been blessing us so much with divine appointments.
Our taxi driver was a pastor in need of refreshing and ministry.
Also today 2 people have given their lives to Jesus in a wildlife park. Simon a ground worker and Emily the security guard, please keep them in prayer... read more >>

Kenya Mission - 27th Apr 2022


We had organised a day to rest after the flight. Itís is exhausting to go straight into ministry after 36 hours or so without sleep.

Arrived in Kakamega today. Please pray for Gods wonderful networking, we have very little time to achieve such a lot. God knows, He is in control... read more >>

Run the Race - 23rd Apr 2022

A look the bible and what it says about living the Christian life.
A few moments pondering what it means to run the race.

Kenya Tent Mission - About to Go - 22nd Apr 2022

Really appreciate if you could pray for us - 20th Apr 2022

This time next week we will be back in kenya! Wow God has done so much

Thanks so much for upholding us in your prayers. We do really appreciate your prayers. This trip is going to be very different in many ways.

No big crusades or tent missions planned. Our ministry will be church based in the form of revival meetings (as they are called in Africa)... more >>

What is happening with our big tent and the vision! - 11th Apr 2022

So we are taking the Lords lead. We are selling our tent and using the money to purchase a tent in Kenya!

The Lord surely moves in amazing ways. A bold Christian ministry called Arise are going to redeem our big top and use it regularly for the gospel in wales! And beyond! ... more >>

3 Weeks of revival meetings in April - 29th Mar 2022

Flights are booked for 26th April - Please pray

Many of you will know that the first three months of this year have been an enormous challenge to say the least. As you know Iíve had a trapped nerve which has been excruciating until quite recently... The Lord has been showing us how wonderfully He sustained us through even the greatest of attacks... more >>

Operation Hope - Live - 2nd Feb 2022

How Good Our God Is!

Bibles for Malava Church, Kenya - 9th Jan 2022

Here are some of the new believers in the Malava church plant receiving bibles in both Swahilli and English. We bought 55 all together, praise God for changed lives.


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About us

Operation Hope is the ministry of Stephen and Lisa Pilkington

They have both been in ministry since 2007, Stephen graduated from Mission Bible School with a BA Hons in Theology and Missions. They have pastored churches, planted churches, hosted evangelistic and prayer based events around the country. They have been used in many other countries around the world in missions, leading thousands of souls to Christ, seeing countless miracles and healings as well as being privaliged to have set up an orphanage in Kenya. They are currently based in North Wales and are active in the region, believing God is about to move in a wonderful way.

Steve and Lisa firmly believe that all fruitful ministry should start with prayer, and is empowered by a lifestyle of prayer. Since 2008 they have been involved in and running Houses of Prayer everywhere, or Hope as it is known. Rather than making plans and asking God to bless them, it is their practice to seek God first, align with His plans and prayerfully partner with Him. Operation Hope is simply the outworking of all that God has commissioned them to do while in the House of Prayer.

Please take time to look through the different pages and see some of the activities they are currently involved in. God has been gracious to give Operation Hope all that is needed to bring tent missions and concentrated evangelistic events to your community here in the UK. Check the pages and contact us for more information. Stephen is available to visit churches to preach, inspire or offer strategic Kingdom training.


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If you would like to invite Stephen to speak at your church about the Operation Hope Tent Mission ministry please submit your details on the Enquiry form >>

"Operation Hope" take the GOOD NEWS; the life transforming Gospel message of Jesus Christ to communities around the world through tent missions, open air evangelism and other forms of Christian Missions. We hope you find everything you need whilst looking through this site but if not please don't hesitate to CONTACT US


newbold tent mission

newbold tent mission





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