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Gospel Tent Missions in the UK and Kenya, Africa

an evening meeting at the newbold tent mission

Gospel Tent Missions have always been a huge part of our outreach, especially in the UK. We have been blessed to see churches planted and established through this method of evangelism. Currently all our focus is solely on the continent of Africa where we engage in mass evangelism. Please read below to see testimonies from missions we did in the UK, and may I encourage you, if you are considering a tent mission in your local church, do it. God will bless the feet that bring good news. If you need any advice or help, just get in touch wed be so glad to point you in the right direction.

Stephen Pilkington undertook two Gospel Tent Missions at Newbold Baptist Church in Rochdale. Andy McCulloch, pastor of the church has written of his involvement with Steve Pilkington and the benefit the Tent Missions have been to Newbold Baptist Church and the surrounding area. Read Andy's report >>

Gospel Tent Missions change lives - Testimony

My cousin Dene posts jokes on facebook. I don't normally share them but thought I'd make an exception for this one...

I was cleaning out the loft when I came across a violin and an abstract painting.
I took them down to Sothebys to see if they were worth anything and the man there said, "What you have here is a genuine Stradivarius and a genuine Picasso."
"Oh, great !" I cried. "How much are they worth?"
"Not much, I'm afraid. You see Picasso made lousy violins, and Stradivarius couldn't paint for toffees."

God has given each of us gifts which we can use to the benefit of the church body. Some of these could be particularly skilled much as Stradivarius crafting one of his renown violins and we should use those skills. Does that mean we should not attempt something we are not particularly skilled at such as Stradivarius attempting to paint?

I think it is good that we get involved with such things and not get discouraged if we cannot do as well as someone we view as skilled in those activities. God may use our involvement in such things in ways we cannot imagine at the time.

A few years ago now I got involved in putting up the tent for the first Tent Mission on the Newbold estate. Now manual work isn't really my forte but as a result of the day "helping" I asked my son Michael to come along to one of the meetings "to see what I had been up to". (He was at that time living out of Rochdale) and Michael committed his life to Jesus at that meeting.

In light of recent family news I can see now how three people's lives were changed as a result of a tent being put up and more people in the wider family.




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