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Looking into Short-term Missions with Operation Hope

Are you interested in Short-Term Missions in Kenya? Watch the YouTube clip above and contact us for more information. (Enquiry button at bottom of page)

operation hope - are you coming on kenya tent mission - may 2022

Is God Calling You To Missions?

operation hope - at the base in kakamega, kenya - may 2022

Part of Operation Hopes vision is to facilitate teams going to the nations!

To edify, train, equip and empower people as they flow in their gift and anointing. We are ready to start taking teams with us. We are so blessed to have our new fully equipped mission base as seen above. And we can anounce that we can take teams safely and with relative comfort to the very heart of the mission/harvest field that God has given us. We are looking for: Preachers, Pastors, evangelists, intercessors, childrenís workers. Maybe you donít know what your gifts are, but are passionate to go on mission. Feel free to contact us and we will discover together.

operation hope - sending hope to kenya - may 2022

operation hope tent - may 2022     operation hope tent mission - may 2022 operation hope tent mission - may 2022 operation hope tent mission - may 2022

What should you expect from an Operation Hope mission trip?

You will be a valuable part of a team with a purpose. Our main aim as a mission is to take the Life Transforming Gospel to the nations. You will have the opportunity to do that, whether through preaching or one to one witnessing.
You will have the opportunity to serve in line with your heart and gifts. Wether on stage or in an orphanage or in the streets. We seek to get to know your strengths and allow you to flow in that anointing.

It will be hard work.
Lots of travelling.
But also very rewarding too. We are blessed to have the comfort of a fully equipped mission Base. Also we build into the trips as much fellowship and fun as possible without detracting from the mission.

When you arrive in Kisumu after your long trip you will get a day or so of down time to catch up. A night in a hotel overlooking Lake Victoria. You will see the beautiful Impala Park Sanctuary and even have the opportunity to take a boat trip to see wild hippos on the shores of the lake. Or maybe swim in the hotel pool.

Once recovered from the journey you will head to mission base. We will have a big tent mission booked and lots of afternoons and evenings will be caught up with that. There are so many things youíll be able to do even if you donít feel at ease on stage. We love to have intercessors praying through the events. We do street evangelism and testimonies etc.
We also will be hosting prayer and worship sessions in the base too. A time for edification and body ministry. You will be trained and equipped for the harvest, wherever you are!

In between all this we take the opportunity to get out and refresh. One such place is Rhondo Retreat! The Mission base at the heart of the Kakamega rain forest. See the rain forest canopy for your self, not to mention the awesome wildlife.

As you can tell we are excited about these trips. We know God wants us as to facilitate as many as possible to see the mission field. I know it will shape our perspective on Gods mission and directly benefit not only our lives but our church community too.

operation hope - the swimming pool at hotel - may 2022

operation hope tent mission - may 2022

operation hope steve and alex on lake victoria - may 2022     operation hope lake victoria - may 2022 operation hope hippo in lake victoria - may 2022


Total Mission Team participant costs for a three week mission are about £1950 whilst for a two week mission they are about £1770
More information about the Mission Team participant costs >>


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operation hope mission team enquiry - may 2022