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A couple of spaces left on mission trip

2 chairs

We have a couple of spaces left! Is God challenging you to engage in short term missions? Message for details!

God is building His team for an epic campaign! 20th October - 2nd November

So far we have 11 people including 3 teens, who have said they want to be on the team going to Kakamega, Kenya in October. This is 1 or 2 people away from full capacity on our mission base. It is so good to see the place being used fully.
I wanted to drop you a line and let you know what we will be doing. As ever we covet your prayers. We are coming out of a difficult period, God has remained faithful as He always does. Now its time to press into His promises and reap a harvest.

So what will we be doing?

- Crusades in upto four different prisons

Last time we baptised over 150 men!

This time we want to visit four prisons instead of one. We will hold crusades for Men, Women and the Guards! We are trusting to be able to buy every man a bar of soap and every woman access to sanitary wear.

Pray with us that every soul will be drawn by the Holy Spirit to meet their saviour Jesus.

Pray for everything we need to honour these forgotten people left without basics for living.

- Evangelism Truck/Stage

One method we use for outreach is this mobile stage truck. We really need to get our own for multiple reasons, however if that’s not possible, in October we will hire this one.

With this truck we will visit schools colleges markets and also do an evening open air crusade.

This tool is truly a combine harvester for souls. Pray with us that every soul will be drawn by the Holy Spirit to receive their saviour. And that all resources will be at hand at the right moment of planning.

- Pastors Conference

It is a great privilege to be able to host pastors conferences when we travel to Kenya.

In October we shall host a three day event reaching out to equip pastors as far away as Uganda. Our dedicated teachers will provide life changing messages which ripple out across congregations. Please pray that each heart is made ready to hear by the Holy Spirit. And that all resources are at hand to plan the event.

- Youth Work/Crusades

Our youth work is a vitally important part of what we do.

In October we shall be working with our orphans and visiting them

We shall visit Schools, Colleges, Villages, Markets etc etc. The harvest amount young people is truly great.

Pray for the youth and that the Holy Spirit will draw them in His love to Jesus. We pray that all needs for this work especially the orphanage will be met. The orphanage is so vital, and is often on the verge of closure but God is faithful. If you can help support these children please do let us know.

- Open Air Crusade

Each evening we will host an open air meeting in a village. Please pray that as many as possible will be drawn by the Holy Spirit to Jesus. That they will be ready to receive salvation and healing. And that all resources will be at hand when planning the event. We expect large numbers to attend

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