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Please watch this short video

Operation Hope Promo Video | Our Vision

Operation Hope Promo Video | Our Vision

short term trip oct 2024

Looking into Short-term Missions with Operation Hope

looking into short term missions with operation hope

Operation Hope Short Term Missions Promo

Are you interested in Short-Term Missions in Kenya?
Watch the YouTube clip above and contact us for more info

The Operation Hope Evangelism Truck Appeal

operation hope evangelism truck appeal

Evangelism Truck Appeal | Operation Hope

Operation Hope - Testimonies

      melanie from new hope community church shares some thoughts on the mission   carel from new hope community church shares some thoughts on the mission   tony from new hope community church shares some thoughts on the mission   jill wilkinson   stephen brindley and walter   grace from brave church shares some thoughts on the mission   lauren and grace share some thoughts on the mission

Testimonies from recent Operation Hope Mission team members

operation hope on mission

Are you Coming? - 13th June 2024

are you coming     youth crusades - sharing the gospel of jesus christ

Operation Hope - October 2024 - Are You coming?     Click above to view reels

firecamp in mbale

Uganda Reviews - 1st / 3rd May 2024

firecamp uganda reel     uganda reel

firecamp uganda reel     uganda reel

Click above to view reels

Reflections on the last month in Uganda - 1st May 2024

Reflections on the last month and what is to come

Newsletter - Nearly There - 26th April 2024

nearly there - on the way home from mbale uganda

As we start our journey back to the capital thinking of home on Thursday, I find myself reflecting on a life changing experience!

Mbale can never be the same again! I make no claim to the amount of salvations we have seen so far!!! However in this city we have preached the gospel to countless precious ones. Including over 60,000 young people in the last two weeks ... more >>

Forthcoming Crusade - 25th April 2024

faith love miracles crusade

Faith Love Miracles - Evangelist Daniel Kolena - 19th-23rd June | 4pm
Mbale - Maluka DA Ground

Such a privilege local evangelists - 23rd April 2024

such a privilege local evangelists   a fruitful morning sharing the gospel

Left: Such a privilege to see these freshly trained local evangelists shining for Jesus and winning thousands. Mbale will be saved! ... more >>

Right: A fruitful morning sharing the Gospel ... more >>

Newsletter - Amazing WOW Uganda - 22nd April 2024

amazing WOW uganda

Wow what a week in Uganda. After Firecamp finished we have by no means slowed down!

So many thousands of young people have come out to hear the good news of Jesus Christ! We have travelled extensively and reached out to children from all around Uganda. Working in the Muslim city of Mbale I have become used to seeing Muslims come into an encounter with Jesus Christ. We have preached on microphones as well as one to one. Jesus at the door has been a vital tool too ... more >>

The first day leading Youth Crusades - 22nd April 2024

the first day leading youth crusades

First day leading youth crusades!!! Had lots of learning experiences but thousands heard the gospel too
Thank you for your prayers and support in many ways. You share in this harvest! More photographs >>

The hardest part is saying goodbye - 21st April 2024

the hardest part is saying goodbye

The hardest part of the missionary life is the constant goodbyes. First leaving loved ones to go serve, then making life changing friendships and in a heartbeat waving them goodbye too. More photographs >>

Salvation Joy in Uganda - 19th April 2024

Youth Crusades in Uganda - 19th April 2024

youth crusades in uganda

Youth Crusades

Stephen Pilkington reporting from Uganda - 19th April 2024

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Hitting the streets with speaker and mic in Uganda - 18th April 2024

hit the streets with speaker and mic in uganda   hit the streets with speaker and mic in uganda

Today we hit the streets with a speaker and mic so amazing to see 901 decisions for Jesus!!!

Healing of sprained wrist in Uganda Mission - 18th April 2024

healing of sprained wrist in the uganda mission

This first Uganda Fire Camp has been a wonderful success In just three afternoons these newly trained evangelists hit the streets with the true gospel and won 1267 documented decisions.

These four young men responded via Ebenezer then while leading them I noticed he had a bandage. He had a sprained wrist since Sunday... more >>

A Glorious Day in Uganda - 17th April 2024

a glorious day in uganda

A glorious day speaking to over 7000 kids today alone. So many responses The harvest is white

Uganda for Jesus - 17th April 2024

uganda for jesus

A Report from Steve in Uganda - 17th April 2024

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Testimony from local Evangelist in Uganda - 17th April 2024

children hearing the gospel message in uganda   thousands of children are responding to the gospel

"I used to preach the gospel and people could get saved but in small numbers and i was wondering what the scripture "the harvest is white mean" But after these CFAN trainings of the simple gospel of Jesus Christ, I really see the true meaning of this scripture, come on my brothers and sisters, let's gooo out and preach the gospel of Christ... more >>

Childrens Crusades in Uganda - 16th April 2024

109 children hearing the gospel message in uganda   many thousands of children are responding to the gospel

Left: Yesterday afternoon we had heavy rains. But the delight school in Mbale were so pleased to see us they brought all the 109 children into one class to hear the good news! Hallelujah.

Right: The team are doing an amazing job today. Many thousands of Children receiving and responding to the best news they will ever hear!

Youth Crusades in Uganda - 15th April 2024

youth crusades in uganda - april 2024

Fire Wave Youth Crusades... more photographs >>

Youth Crusades in Uganda
700 children in this school alone

Newsletter - Harvest Is Coming Next Phase Begins - 14th April 2024

harvest is coming next phase begins

This first Uganda Fire Camp has been a wonderful success In just three afternoons these newly trained evangelists hit the streets with the true gospel and won 1267 documented decisions.

For the next 2 weeks the fire wave of evangelism will continue in 3 locations. I will be staying in Mbale until 29th April. I will be taking teams out into the streets continuing to coach them as evangelists. As well as doing youth crusades. We are expecting to see many thousands of people saved. ... more >>

Team Photo - Mbale Firecamp - 12th April 2024

firecamp team photo mbale, uganda april 2024

Group Photo time - After going out for 3 afternoons these precious ones came back with 1267 documented decisions!   more photographs >>

Mbale Firecamp - Evening Celebration - 12th April 2024

evening celebration at mbale firecamp

Muslim sheikh gives his life to Jesus! - 11th April 2024

healing at mbale firecamp uganda   healing at mbale firecamp uganda   healing at mbale firecamp uganda

Muslim sheikh gives his life to Jesus!
And a local hospital has its emergency room cleared as Jesus turns up and heals everyone through the teams!
Thank you Jesus!

Uganda is beautiful - 11th April 2024

uganda is really beautiful

Uganda is truly beautiful

The Team Uganda Firecamp - 11th April 2024

the team uganda firecamp

Fire Camp Uganda 2024 Leaders team - New Friends

Big Things are Starting to Happen - 8th April 2024

big things starting to happen in mbale, uganda

It is now day 3 of the first ever Cfan fire camp in Africa for Africans! We are in the midst of the birthing of a move of God! Ugandan evangelists being trained and equipped in Holiness, Revival, Evangelism, Prayer and more!

On Saturday over 100 Ugandan men and women traveled considerably long distances. Paying for their courses and hungry for God. Their sacrifices are humbling ... more >>

Worship at Mbale, Uganda - 8th April 2024

worship at mbale - flag waving

"Red speaks to me of the redeeming love of Jesus poured out for me
The gold speaks to me of the lordship of Christ in my life
Come and surrender to Him today."

Jill Wilkinson

Dish of the Day in Mbale, Uganda - 8th April 2024

ugali in mbali

This Mzungu is eating Ugali

Here is a Receipe for Ugali ... Try it yourself RECIPE: KENYAN UGALI

The things these people have endured! - 8th April 2024

paul's testimony of coming to the firecamp in mbale, uganda

The things these people have endured and got through in order to be at this fire camp is humbling!
May God bless them and meet them where they are! These are future revivalists!

Getting ready for Jesus Celebration in Mbale, Uganda - 7th April 2024

Muslim man and 11 friends encounter Jesus in Mbale, Uganda - 7th April 2024

muslim man and 11 friends encounter jesus

Muslim man and 11 friends encounter Jesus in the streets.
All pray to receive salvation

Morning Prayers in Mbale, Uganda - 7th April 2024

morning prayers at firecamp mbale, uganda

Morning prayers before we start another day of teaching

Firecamp Mbale, Uganda - April 2024

firecamp mbale, uganda   firecamp mbale, uganda

The Uganda Firecamp in Mbale, Uganda... more >>

On the Road - 5th April 2024

tony on the road to mbale uganda

We travelled to Mbale today!
Arrived safely but late and tired.
Fire Camp starts tomorrow

On the Way to the Uganda Firecamp - 4th April 2024

joy being prayed with on way to uganda   flying to uganda on ethiopean airways

Left: Blessed time sat next to Joy from Kenya. She prayed to receive the baptism of the Spirit. Powerful time.

Right: Ready to board Ethiopian airways to Uganda. Firecamp number 2 here I come!
Uganda shall be saved!

"Excited as we’re about to board a plane to Uganda to train 200 Evangelists in Mbale. This town is about 6 hours drive from the capital Kampala.

What a privilege to be on the leadership team with Christ for all Nations Global and to serve alongside evangelist Stephen Pilkington from Operation Hope as we launch into a firecamp for a week followed by 2 weeks of market pop-up and youth crusades. Praying many will come to faith as we preach the Gospel in many of the towns in this area.
Uganda will be saved!!
All for Jesus"

Evangelist Martin van Vuuren / Raising Foundations.

operation hope in the uk

Newsletter - Short-term Evangelism Wave - 27th Mar 2024

short term evangelism wave

Operation Hope will be taking its largest team yet to Kenya this October. We are believing for a Fire Wave of evangelists from both Cfan and Operation Hope. We will be doing - Youth Crusades, Prison Ministry, Truck Evangelism, Tent missions, Jesus at the Door, Fire revival nights, Street and Market evangelism, Kids church and more... more >>

Ten Day Count-Down to Uganda - 23rd Mar 2024

i will be leaving for uganda in 10 days   cfan youth crusades

Completed training with CFAN - 21st Mar 2024

completed training with cfan

I (Steve Pilkington) have now completed training in order to partner with cfan on Youth Crusades in Africa and around the world. We will be including this into our mission trips and preaching the good news in schools of up to 9000 children around 7 times in a day ... more >>

Manchester Mass Outreach - 16th Mar 2024

fiery evangelists in manchester

Great Job fiery evangelists.
Manchester heard the Gospel today! ... more >>

March update - 12th Mar 2024

cfan firecamp in manchester

At Operation Hope our heart and vision are very much aligned with Reinhard Bonnke’s vision for a blood washed Africa. God said to Reinhard “Africa Shall Be Saved!”

God said to me “I meant what I said, just because Reinhard has gone, the vision still stands” Recently God has led me to humble myself and come under Cfan for training, and to become part of their evangelical alliance ... more >>

CFAN - Firecamp - 12th Mar 2024

cfan firecamp in manchester

Off to Manchester to cfan firecamp. Looking forward to training, partnerships, friendships. Africa shall be saved... more >>

Invited to minister in local churches - 29th Feb 2024

invited to minister in local churches

It is indeed a great privilege to be invited to minister in local churches in Kenya. The harvest is truly great, and it is these precious ones who are best positioned to reap it. ... more >>

Almost Out Of Time - 16th Feb 2024

almost out of time

It's almost cut off time for people wanting to join the April mission in Kenya. Is God leading you to join our team, for this life changing mission trip? Throughout April people will be at our mission base from 2-4weeks! Is this your time to go?

If not, are you an intercessor? We covet your prayers! Would you be happy to join a WhatsApp group that will pray for us as we go and until we return.

Has God laid this work on your heart, to support us? If you are in a position to help could you give a financial donation towards the ministry? ... more >>

Africa is calling! - 6th Feb 2024

africa is calling

Africa is Calling! Time is short! Will you be there

It's time to go again - 4th Feb 2024

its time to go again

The Lord says “It is time to go again!”

Operation Hope started by reaching out in the UK with tent meetings. God has told us to pick up tents again in the UK!... more >>

Newsletter - The UK, Tents, Gap Year, New Developments - 30th Jan 2024

new developments and opportunities

Before I bring to you our new developments. Allow me to reaffirm that our vision in Africa has not changed. We are looking for God to show us how we increase this and multiply into other regions

We will be taking a team to Kakamega around 17th April for two weeks or longer... more >>

What does God want for you? - 21st Jan 2024

steve preaching at barmouth elim church

What an amazing time we shared at Barmouth Elim Church yesterday.
Hope it blesses you

Kenya is Calling - 14th Jan 2024

kenya is calling - mission in 2024

Kenya is Calling!!!
Are You Coming?
April 17th - 30th 2024
Join our life transforming team
Evangelism training given before departure.
Step out in faith and realise your calling
“For such a time as this”

Newsletter - Will you be on Mission in 2024 - 31st Dec 2023

operation hope happy-new-year

Would love to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year! God has good things for you! God has more for you in 2024!

Will you be stepping out in faith and joining us on mission this year... more >>


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About us

Operation Hope is the ministry of Stephen and Lisa Pilkington

They have both been in ministry since 2007, Stephen graduated from Mission Bible School with a BA Hons in Theology and Missions. They have pastored churches, planted churches, hosted evangelistic and prayer based events around the country. They have been used in many other countries around the world in missions, leading thousands of souls to Christ, seeing countless miracles and healings as well as being privaliged to have set up an orphanage in Kenya. They are currently based in North Wales and are active in the region, believing God is about to move in a wonderful way.

Steve and Lisa firmly believe that all fruitful ministry should start with prayer, and is empowered by a lifestyle of prayer. Since 2008 they have been involved in and running Houses of Prayer everywhere, or Hope as it is known. Rather than making plans and asking God to bless them, it is their practice to seek God first, align with His plans and prayerfully partner with Him. Operation Hope is simply the outworking of all that God has commissioned them to do while in the House of Prayer.

Please take time to look through the different pages and see some of the activities they are currently involved in. God has been gracious to give Operation Hope all that is needed to bring tent missions and concentrated evangelistic events to your community here in the UK. Check the pages and contact us for more information. Stephen is available to visit churches to preach, inspire or offer strategic Kingdom training.


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"Operation Hope" take the GOOD NEWS; the life transforming Gospel message of Jesus Christ to communities around the world through tent missions, open air evangelism and other forms of Christian Missions. We hope you find everything you need whilst looking through this site but if not please don't hesitate to CONTACT US


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Crossways Community Church is a bright, modern, faith filled, God centred church in Dartford, who's mission statement is... ‘To save the lost by building a Church of God, that is full of dedicated, bible believing, faith filled, followers of Jesus Christ.’   We operate within a network of churches, ministries and organisations demonstrating the Kingdom of God. Together we fulfil the Great Commission, making disciples of all nations, baptising and teaching them.   Barmouth Elim Church, Barmouth, Wales.



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